Monday, May 21, 2012

First casting lesson, trip to Pitt & more

The trip to Pittsburgh didn't turn out as planned to say the least. We left yesterday afternoon. Took our time stopped for lunch, did a little shopping, went out for dinner, and went to bed excited to get up, go for labs, and head to the zoo..

 Well Lynlee had a very restless night.  Around 6am this morning I was moving her in the bed and realized she felt warm. I took her temp and she was at 100.2. I knew she was sick. I went a head and took a quick shower, and got ready. I rechecked her temp again and it was 101.2. I knew it was time to call transplant. We only call on a temp after 101.0 So I called they said to give the Tylenol and bring her in for labs.. The only problem was I didn't have any Tylenol. Ryan went out to see if he could find some and I put a cold wash cloth on her head. When I got her up to go to the hospital the fever was gone by itself and she threw up over and over.

After getting labs and more vomiting we knew she had her first stomach virus.. UGH! I felt so sorry for her. And to make matters worse we had a 3 hour car ride ahead of us.

It still amazed me she went from this picture to be so sick in a matter of hours..

She's actually feeling 100% better tonight. She is eating now, back to playing, and bossing everyone around.. The only down side was her labs were crazy high. We are hoping it was from the virus, it happened last night, and her prograf came back crazy high too.. With all of them being out of range we get to go back to Pittsburgh Thursday morning for more labs..

I'm really thinking they will be better.. Wishful thinking maybe. We know if they aren't trending down a biopsy will be down to see if it is rejection..

So no fun pictures of the zoo this time, but we will be making just a fun trip with no needles soon!

I did learn to always have Tyenol too.. and a hair dryer :)

Saturday we did take some family time and went to do a little cookout and some fishing..

Lynlee carrying her fishing pole

Her first casting lesson

Lynlee and her Vava

Till next time. This mommas ready for bed!

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