Monday, May 14, 2012

weekend recap

It's a nasty raining day/evening here so I thought I'd blog before we do bathtime, bedtime etc. Like most people I'm not a rain fan but I did manage to get the house cleaned today and the laundry is finally caught up. Lynlee had blood work done this morning. Her liver labs were fantastic... Really fantastic! I'm not sure I've ever seen them this low. We will know what her prograf level is on Thursday.

We had a crazy busy weekend and I think we are all still recovering from it. On Friday Lynlee and I did mothers day crafts (pictures to come another post) and Saturday we went to Valley Head for dinner and family time.  The weather was actually nice and Lynlee was feeling great. 

She loves Uncle Tylers Horses.

It was also Pipers 1st Birthday. He spent most of the day playing with his sister Emma and swimming.

Yesterday we headed to Morgantown with Ryan's parents to see Kevin and Janna.. (Bubba and Nana, if you ask Lynlee) We headed to the park. Lynlee LOVED it.. And I don't think she was the only one :)

We then had a great dinner and headed to Sweet Frogs for dessert.. Have you guys every been to one? Oh My! It was amazing! I strongly recommend it..

Well I'm off to a play date with Ryan and Lynlee!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

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