Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Wednesday..

I know it's Wednesday and some of you expect pictures out of me. (Not mentioning any names Merredith, haha) but I'm slacking this week. I have a few I'll post but nothing really awesome. It's been kinda blah around her since Sunday.

Sunday we were heading to Valley Head to celebrate my mom and Tyler's birthday. I still can't believe my baby brother turned 21 yesterday, but anyways. On our way there Lynlee threw up in the back seat. We wasn't sure if she gagged herself from playing with Piper or stuck her fingers in too far or even got car sick even though it's never happened before. After we got to my grandmas we realized she was just not feeling good. She pulled on her ears the whole day, was just super fussy and wouldn't eat a thing. When we got back into town she I texted our pediatrician to see if you could have an ear infection with no fever. And then Lynlee told us her bottom hurt her. So our pediatrician met us at her office to look at her ears. They were prefect and we did a urine sample. All was clear on that too.. We aren't sure if it was just a 24 hour virus or just normal teething but she's back to normal now..

And really how Awesome is our pediatrician.. Coming in on a Sunday to check out Lynlee... And texting me all the time to check on her! Wow!! I wouldn't trade that care for the world.

I do feel a little silly getting her checked out but I know Lynlee isn't your normal baby. If it was an ear infection or UTI it does need to get treated right away. We all know those things can cause a fever and sometimes a fever can cause rejection. I slept better knowing her ears were okay that night.

But as of yesterday she was her normal self 110%..

Like you can't tell from the below picture.. I do feel sorry for the dog. I really do!

Speaking of Piper here's a nice little picture of him enjoying his ride to Valley Head..

And here's Lynlee checking out the river.

I go to give blood at 4:45 today. The Red Cross is at a local church. I can't tell you the amount of blood Lynlee has received in her short 2 1/2 years here. I know it's been a lot.. I feel like it's the least I can do to give back. I know the Red Cross is back again at the end of the month. You can go on there website by clicking here and finding their schedule and making an appt. It's the least you can do if you are able ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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