Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Changes!

There a couple things changing in this household this week and I'm not just talking about Lynlee's clothes. We do go through many outfits in a day because well she is the messiest kid I've ever seen! But I'm loving every minute of it. I have pictures and pictures of her doing nothing but eating and drinking.. And it never gets old.. Not a day goes by that I don't catch myself just watching her eat and counting out blessings..

See this was her at the Children's Museum. I'm out of control I know!

But this isn't about that.. Ryan is starting a new job tomorrow. It's a huge change for our family. He has worked for the family business for 12 years and decided it was time for a change. He didn't want to own the business and have even more stress on him/us and he wanted something new...He starts at Armstrong tomorrow as a maintenance/electrician.  I'm so proud of him for stepping out to the unknown and wanting to learn/do more. I can't tell you enough how thankful we've been that hes worked for family during the first couple years of Lynlee's life. The first 7 1/2 weeks she was in NICU he was there with me every step of the way. He's only missed a handful of doctors appts and even through transplant there were maybe 2 weeks he wasn't.. We've always found a way to make it financially because of it, but everyone knows it's time to move on.  Theres no doubt its going to be a huge adjustment for everyone, but I know we will make it!

And if that wasn't enough change going on this week I've decided to add something else. Starting this week I'll be babysitting our newest family member Brody. I can't believe he's 6 weeks old and Kristies already going back to work but I'm beyond excited to take care of him while shes there. It will also be a huge adjustment but I think it will be good for us. Good for Lynlee.

So let's bring on the changes, the chaos, and the craziness!!

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