Friday, June 1, 2012

Our week in pictures

The last couple days we took a few days off for a small family vacation before some big changes come. (details later) We asked Lynlee where she wanted to go and all she would talk about were the elephants... So we packed up and went to Pittsburgh.. again.. We needed blood work anyway and we figured we needed to make some fun memories in that town..

So here ya go....

We checked in and ate some oreos..

Did a little swimming

On Thursday we started the morning with blood work and then went to the zoo.

That afternoon we headed to Station Square for some lunch and we rode the incline.

Did some site seeing..

Stopped for some ice cream.

Posed a little

Rode the incline back down

Got a little thirsty :)

Friday we got up and headed to the Children's museum. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect but this wasn't it..

What an amazing few days!!!

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  1. Adorable! Looks like a great time! Missie Swecker