Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My belated Monday blog

I wanted to post yesterday but I've gave in and started reading the 50 shades of grey series. I couldn't put it down long enough to make myself dinner let alone blog.  I finished the first book this morning and I refuse to start the second until I get some very important things done. Regardless these pictures were taken yesterday. We had a great Monday around here.

Both kids were happy most of the day... With lots of smiles...

Labs looked great! We finally stopped the potassium medicine we'd been weaning. That makes us down to 5 meds now. I know that sounds a lot but two of them will be lifetime and one is aspirin and another iron. So it's not all that bad. We should get the EBV and the prograf level back tomorrow and Thursday. As long as they both look good we got the okay for a month repeat. I'm trying not to get excited because we've never made it that long. EVER....

Ryan started second shift yesterday which is from 2pm-11pm. His first night was good. He liked it. I don't hate it. I was worried he'd get 3rd shift which is from 10:30-7am. Then I'd be posting at like 3am  because I'm a huge baby and hate staying by myself... I think every little thing is someone breaking in robbing, murdering, etc, etc.. you know we have such a high crime rate in Elkins right.. (ha)

Good night all... Wordless Wednesday tomorrow :)

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