Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trying to catch up post..

I know! I know!! It's been forever since I blogged.. Too long. But days are crazy busy around here.  On a normal day I have Brody until 5-5:30. Ryan has been getting home around 5:30-6ish. We make dinner , clean up, play with Lynlee for a few minutes then its bath time, bed time, etc. By 9:30 2/3rds of this house is in bed and I'm enjoying bad tv and pinterest. And it's not that I'm too tired to blog all days but when I look back I don't have a whole lot to say... well nothing that would interest many of you.

Things are good.... really good. Ryan's still loving his job. He will go to a shift change next week so hopefully its still good for him? and well I change lots of diapers everyday, play with 2 or 3 little kids that mean the world to me and every now and then we take a couple pictures.

Last weekend was the first Saturday Ryan's been off (he's working as I type) so we decided to head to Blackwater for the day. We picked up some KFC for lunch and had the best time.

Sunday was Fathers Day. We took Ryan out to breakfast and headed to Lowes. We did come home with a new grill and firepit!!
(Random info: You'll see her dress again below. I totally put it on her wrong all the time. Ryan had dressed her before we went to breakfast. I told him the buttons go infront. Well I was VERY wrong. The buttons go in the back with the tag! HA)

And this week has been a lot of a blur.. Same thing different day really. We didn't have labs this week, but we do this coming week. We are still going to speech therapy every week. I'm starting to feel like Lynlee's making some real progress. She's added a few more words and different sounds to her vocabulary. She's trying to say more things too instead of just shutting down. We are trying to ignore the signs and atleast get some words for those. She is getting worse at signing. She makes up her own a lot. Her newest are yogurt and waffles.Food related of course.

 I felt like we had more social time than most this week. Erica and Adam had us up for dinner on Wednesday. We were at Ryan's parents for dinner on Thursday and last night we had my dad and everyone done for a belated Fathers Day dinner.

 (This was the picture we had taken a few weeks ago for my dads present. We made him a mug with this on it! It turned out so good. Oh and this was the first take too. SCORE )

And Ryan even got to try out the new fire pit last night.  See Lynlee's nose. She fell earlier and scrapped herself up. She looks pretty rough today. Poor kid... But she was enjoying those smores!

So that's basically it. We have a whole new week of adjustments coming at it. But I'll probably find more time to blog! Lucky for you ;)

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