Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17th 2012

I've been putting off blogging every night this week. I'm starting to fear that I will bore you. I don't have much to say these days. But believe me that is a good thing. No news is good news. And when we lead a very boring life I enjoy it. I enjoy the every day normalcy even if it does hurt my blog.

We have the week off from labs which is good. We have therapy scheduled this week and that's about it.

Our weekend was good. Ryan was finally off after working 12 days straight so we had lots of family time on Sunday and some of the day Saturday. Saturday we went to a wedding. Lynlee had a blast. She danced around with other little girls, ate her favors, and ate her dinner. She acted so good there. So normal. No one would ever known what the past two years have been like and that's a good thing. I want her to be a normal child. To put the past behind us and look forward to the future. That's why we did what we did, made the decisions we've made... for the future.


  1. Great to hear! Prayers and positive energy your way from NM! Karen

  2. Please don't ever worry about boring us, I check your blog every day to see what is going on. I love hearing about Lynlee and what you worry is boring makes my day. Prayers every day.