Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday morning thoughts.

As I sit here sipping coffee random thoughts are running through my head.. So I thought Id share.

  • This is the first morning I've drank my coffee in pure quietness in days, weeks maybe.
  • I've got to be getting old when I wake up at 7am on a Saturday with no alarm.
  • Today is Ryan's family reunion. I've been in the family for 6 years but I still can't remember half their names or who is who. Ryan's dad is the baby of 22 .. Yes that was 22 I didn't type that wrong. And well I always manage to get someone mixed up and just look dumb so I try not to say a whole lot..
  • I wonder how Lynlee will do today. She will either warm up to everyone really fast or just stick to the people she really knows? We will see..
  • Speaking of Lynlee... I know my mom laughs everyday. She was right when she used to tell me I hope you have a child that acts just like you.. Thanks mom ;)
  • Lynlee will sit in her room and scream momma to me until I come in now. It doesn't matter how long it takes me. She will keep saying it over and over and over.....
  • She gets really made if she finds out I unload the dishwasher without her! She loves it!!
  • She is climbing everywhere. I guess she is getting braver. Before she would always hold our hand but not now. Not only can she make it on our bar stools, Ryans moms bar stools which are considerably higher than ours, I also found her on top of Brodys pack and play in the changing part this week..Wow...
The week has went by very fast. It didn't seem like we had a lot going on. Two therapies this week. Speech and PT. We got the week off from blood work and will go again early next week.

A picture from PT yesterday :)

And a couple randoms from the week. You can tell the last one makes me nervous because of my hand. Haha.

Well off to make something for the reunion and get ready for the day. Have a great weekend :)

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