Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend recap

First things first. Lynlee's up all night on Thursday was due to nothing else other than salt in her bed. I guess after we got home from our annual trip to DQ to support the Children's Miracle Network she put her fries in her bed to watch her movie. Why I didn't realize this was the issue at midnight, 1am or even 2am still amazes me. But her bed was washed Friday and we've had sleep every night since. Thank Goodness.  I'm laughing because it looks like we only go to DQ annually. Oh how I wish I had that much will power :)

The weekend was good. Busy, but good. Ryan worked two 14hour shifts in a row last week so Lynlee and I were too happy girls to have him home all weekend.

Me and Lynlee being two happy girls :)

Saturday morning Ryan's parents took Lynlee to watch the train take off so Ryan and I had a lunch date.I seriously don't remember the last time Ryan and I shared a meal alone together. I'm thinking we need a date night soon!

Here is a picture that Dottie sent me from the train station:

The rest of our Saturday was spent by Lynlee taking a 2 1/2 hour nap and then being up until after 11pm. A late night trip to Wal-Mart and putting away groceries. Don't be too jealous ;)

Yesterday we had the family down for dinner. My dads sisters were in and it's been years since we've seen them. Its so weird but I always feel all grown up having people over. Lynlee was beyond exhausted by yesterday evening. She was mean and cranky. I walked into her room last evening and found this. I laughed so hard! She cracks me up even when I can't stand her attitude :)

And today was just a Monday. Mondays are rough. The kids are used to being with their parents all weekend so Monday is a huge adjustment. Lynlee has a hard time with Ryan working etc. But I do have to say it was one of the best Mondays this house has seen in a while and I'll take that.

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