Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 2.. Still a success.

Well this was day 2 of Lynlee's new diet lifestyle. I'm not sure what to call it because I honestly don't know how long we will be doing this. It could be forever. I can say it wasn't  half as bad as I thought it would be. I had pictures of her being hungry, screaming at the refrigerator for yogurt, not eating anything, me having break downs, etc, etc, etc. Yes, I must have been very dramatic that day.  But she honestly hasn't seemed to notice. I'm sure she wonders where her yogurt is but hasn't complained.
I've spent hours and hours on the computer researching, looking for recipes, finding foods, and ideas. I've learnt so much in the past 72 hours. I can only imagine what the future holds. And the thing is I haven't found one thing bad about eating like this.

Lynlee has been a very picky eater lately. She does like a few vegetables, fruits come and go but her favorites are waffles, applesauce, yogurt, pasta, and hotdogs. Not what every mother wants to see but as most as you know toddlers have a mind of their own.  So my goal was to find away to still have the foods she wants just different, well better? The applesauce and hot dogs could stay. We only gave her 100% real beef anyways. I found a substitute pasta and changed our pasta sauce to 100% natural and it was okay. The waffles have been in the making. We made our first batch this morning and I LOVED them. Lynlee on the other hand did okay. She didn't eat them like her Eggo's (I know I'm not mom of the year so don't give me slack on that) but she did take more than 2 bites unlike yesterday. And the yogurt.. Well I found some SO Delicious at the health store. It was 2.80 a piece. Yes that's expensive especially when she wants to eat 3-5 containers a day. So I've been trying to make it. First batch was a failure, but I'm trying to freeze it now. And I have plans to make another batch tomorrow evening. I'll keep ya posted. For now I have 3 containers of yogurt hid in 20 containers of applesauce in our refrigerator door so she paces herself.

Her plate this morning looked like this:

Waffles, sausage, and hash browns with ketchup. All of them where diary free,egg free, soy free, wheat free, and of course peanut free.

Oh the soy kills me. It's EVERYWHERE. I even found it in her multivitamin today. Really?? So I had to go find a new one. Things I think will be okay has soy. I looked up restaurants today to see what she could have and well we won't even go there. It's sad. I told Ryan if we stopped at all of them she might have a whole meal. And just for the record McDonalds wont be a stop. It is full of soy!!

We do have an appointment with the allergist next Thursday in Pittsburgh. We decided to stay with them even though it's so far away because they know what they are doing and have dealt with this and transplant kids before.

And since last week was so crazy we've been getting caught up to date on our therapies. We had both speech and development today. Lynlee did really good in speech again. She even got another sticker and was drinking for a regular plastic bottle. For a child that didn't close her lips this is HUGE progress. And we have physical therapy in the morning.

I think that's about it. For now. I have another waffle recipe I'm anxious to use and a pancake one. Plus our menu for next week is looking better and better. I like a challenge!

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