Friday, August 17, 2012

So Delicious?

In case any of you where wondering what Lynlee thinks of her new Ice Cream.

So Delicious. Does it live up to it's name?

Yes! Two thumbs up!

We also found the sunflower butter today to substitute for the peanut butter. And I haven't got all Betty Crocker (yet) and made her own bread so she had it on a corn tortilla. I did make some pancakes today that she loved! So maybe breakfast will be better tomorrow. I made a whole bunch and stuck them in the freezer!

Her rice pasta with Marinara sauce and her sandwich.

Another good day in this house!

Lynlees headed to her Vava's and Poppas tomorrow while we head to Wine and Jazz. I'm not sure who's more excited.. I'm lying I'm sure it's me. I could leave right now! HAHA.. I'm pretty sure no pictures from the weekend will be posted later ;) but have a great weekend!

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