Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This, that, and more

Today has been a bad day. Just one of those days were it feels like you wake up exhausted. Brody and Lynlee were fussy, needy, whiny most of the day. A day were it feels like my to do list was getting bigger and nothing was getting checked off. The good news is that it's normal. It's normal that I had a bad day because of "normal" things not because of anything medical related.  The truth is I probably just need a good nights sleep and tomorrow will be better.

Yesterday was non stop kinda day. I had planned on getting lots of stuff done Sunday which didn't happen. Yesterday started with labs by leaving the house at 7:30am. (Labs are back and are almost normal again!!!) Then the rest of the day was just nuts. I finally got the yogurt to thicken. I stole thisrecipe to do it but I still had to add some Xathan Gum. I used the coconut milk out of the carton instead of the can. I'm assuming this makes a difference? I'll let you know with the next batch.  Piper had a vet appt yesterday evening and I had to go to the grocery store. Let me just tell you I hadn't prepared myself for it. I know our usual trip takes 30-45mins. I had found some new recipes to try so I knew exactly what I needed. But I hadn't thought I would have to read every single label I picked up. I ended up being there 1hour and 40 minutes. That doesn't include carrying everything in and putting it away. I'm hoping the grocery shopping part gets easier and faster. The rest hasn't been so bad but snacks are so hard.. Ideas anyone?

I'm sure it was better that I was there on a Monday night instead of a Sunday. Maybe it was a good thing I blew it off. Honestly there is a fine line between blowing it off and being hungover not up to par. Saturday we went to Wine & Jazz and had a blast. Lynlee stayed with Ryan's parents and everything went well.

I'm very surprised Heather and I  look so good after guzzling sipping on wine and fine foods for 4 hours. And that chair. Oh I loved the chair. I'm pretty sure I even asked to sleep in it. (Another story!)

Okay that's it. I have toes to paint and a pillow to lay on! See everyone tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday :)

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