Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's still Wednesday

It's almost 10pm on Wednesday but it's still Wednesday.. I didn't have any pictures other than one for today so I snapped a few throughout the day..

This picture was taken yesterday morning before labs.. We had repeat labs this week because Lynlee's liver labs were a little high last week due to the diarrhea and fever from the weekend before. But they are back down and look great. We are still waiting the prograf level and I'm hoping she gets a few weeks off from needles.

Other than that things are going along smoothly... Ryan is working a few new shifts for the new few weeks so we've been adjusting to that.

Lynlee's telling Brody... Shhhh Daddy's sleeping
We did pull out the high chair this week. I know there was pictures on of Monday but these cracked me up today. At one point Lynlee had all the toys on Brodys' lap and by the time I got the phone out he was not happy with her.
His facial expressions kill me!!
So Happy Not so Wordless Wednesday or what's left of it. We are off to speech therapy tomorrow and I'm sure I'm more excited than Lynlee to show off her whistle blowing for Miss Erin. 

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