Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend really wasn't too exciting. We didn't have a lot going on which is a good thing. I love waking up and having NOTHING to do all day. Drinking coffee, watching morning TV with Lynlee, being lazy.... Yes those are my favorite days.. So that's what Saturday was consumed of plus it rained all day so it worked out great. By 1pm Ryan and Lynlee were doing flip flops, back flips and head stands in my bedroom. Yes I have a video you guys would LOVE to see :) but I'm afraid Ryan might kill me... But you did read that right both were doing all three so you get the idea!!

She climbed up on the bed where the laundry was and picked out two socks of Ryans! HA

Today we needed out. We headed to the County Fair.. And well it wasn't anything to brag about we lucked out and saw the miniature horses do a show! Lynlee loved them!!!


She did ask to ride the train. I was shocked. She never wants to ride anything. Well she got on it, smiling.. And she made on lap and when she saw us I saw her lip start quivering. By the time she came back she was crying. It broke my heart into pieces. Man I love that little girl more than life itself!!

Have a great week!

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