Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap.. In pictures :)

I can't believe it's Monday already. The past few days have flew by! It was nice to have two days with my husband and Lynlee as a family.. It was such a great weekend!!

Friday started by heading to the coronation to see Lexi... I'm a very proud aunt..

After that we headed to the petting zoo...

Got some carny food... Lynlee's first EVER...

Lynlee snapped some pictures with Aunt Heather before the fireman's parade..

And then we watched the fireman's parade.. Inside of course. Lynlee is not a fan of the sirens or the bands etc....

On Saturday we talked about going to the parade but since it was cold and rainy we headed the mall. I loved Lynlee's new outfit from Aunt Janna.

The trip was good.. Lynlee got her Halloween costume and momma got some new boots :)

And Sunday was a lazy day...

No joke all we did was head to the grocery store and make potato soup, pepperoni rolls and brownies..  Yumm..

It's back to the real world today. I think it will be a busy week. Lynlee has a field trip at school on Tuesday to the firehouse and I have a job interview on Friday.. My first one over 4 years. Wow...

No labs this week.. We actually got the okay to go a whole month. I'm not getting my hopes up but it would be oh so nice.

Happy Monday everyone!

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