Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Randoms..

I've never seen her smile like that? I hope its not a regular!

  • I had planned on blogging last night but I totally got side tracked. Besides of watching the voice and being disappointed I felt like I was on the phone all night... Plus doing  100 other things.
  • I have done nothing really today other than working that and I'm okay with that.
  • I signed up to do the 31 day challenge of Jillian online. I debated blogging about it but thought I'd mention it so now that I'm accountable in 2 places. I took before pictures but I doubt you get to see those either. I'm so not that brave. But pretty much you vow to do 31days of Jillian. I'm doing the shred. Plus trying to eat healthier, drink lots of water and all that jazz.. We will chat more about that Nov 1st when the challenge is over.
  • This weekend we went to Davis for leaf peepers festival. So much fun.
  • Yesterday was labs.. Lynlee cried and cried.. She had gotten so good at them, it breaks my heart for us to be back here. They were a little high but NOTHING compared to what they have been. I'm sure it's because of the fever and the cold she has. I'm hoping we get at least a couple week break from them.
  • I dread calling the insurance companies, hospitals, etc.. I will put them off forever. Yes I'm mentioning it because I'm putting it off now.. I know I have too. For the first time in almost 3 years we got a bill? Really??
  • Lynlee's in school as I type. This morning she kissed us before she ran in! HA! Guess she wasn't wasting any time coming back out..

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