Monday, November 12, 2012

The simple things.....

It's the simple things that still get me. That still bring tears to my eyes on a monthly, sometimes weekly, or even daily basis. Don't get me wrong I see the big picture. The gift of life. I reminded of the real possibilities every time we get labs, but it's still those little moments that really get me.

 As we left the Clayton Homes Trick or Treat tonight I drove home with tears dripping off my face. This is the first year Lynlee can, will want, and will eat her candy she got there. We are so beyond blessed.

I even love the fact that she refused to wear her bee costume tonight. I told her she had to dress up so she went to her closet and got her princess outfit that she got for her birthday. She put it on with no fight and was ready to go.

There is NO WAY my baby has grown this much!!!
This is not the blog I had planned on writing tonight. I wanted to recap you of the amazing we weekend we had as a family. Enjoyed the warm weather and each other.. But that's enough of that. I'll put up some pictures of the weekend on Wednesday... or maybe tomorrow...

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