Thursday, November 8, 2012

Working girl

Is it Friday yet? I feel like I just blogged but have so much to catch you up on.

We had labs on Monday. The liver labs were okay. One number was on the higher end but I'm sure it's because she's been fighting stuff all month long. Her prograf was stable and her EBV the lowest it's been since March.. We go back in one month! Yes, I'm one happy momma!!!

Tuesday I drove 40 minutes one way to vote.. I know, if I can drive 40 minutes I should be able to take 5 minutes and go to the court house and register there. I voted as Stacy Lynn Ware. Wow, it's been a long time since I signed that name. But regardless I voted...

Yesterday and today has been nuts. I'm not used to the whole "working" mom thing. I had training both days around 30 minutes away. Each morning Lynlee and I were out the door by 8:20 so she could be to school and it was after 5 both days before I walked back in. I know most of you do it all the time, but I'm tired and whiny so give me a minute. HAHA... No it was bad just an adjustment. I haven't made dinner since, my house is a mess, I have laundry to do, but I love it. I love having something to do and somewhere to be out of the house and something for me. I have so much more patience with Lynlee of an evening and I think I make more time just to play because I miss her so much.

Since today was a training day I couldn't reschedule anything so I did miss her 1st Halloween party. I was really bummed,but Ryan and Dottie took my place.

Here's a picture I took of Ryan and Lynlee before we all headed out this morning. Man I'm a lucky girl to be blessed with both of them. They are my world!

On another note Lynlee has been much better at school this week. No hair pulling! I'm assuming it was just her feeling bad from the UTI...

Ryan is back on 2nd shift now. Just when I got used to sleeping by myself. Guess I'll get to share tonight

I'm on the road tomorrow! I think it's just one shadow appointment since there have been a few cancellations but I'm excited!!

Have a great Friday! I know I will!

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