Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Lynlee's Thankful for.

I feel like I don't blog enough about the little stories that make me smile. I usually update and say all the stuff you guys want to know but never share stories...

So here goes..

We were told today about Lynlee's day at school yesterday. I guess they had got all the kids in a circle and was letting them tell what they were thankful for. Some said elephants, others said no they wanted an elephant, and all the other crazy things that three year olds say... Well the whole time I was hearing this I got scared for Lynlee. Was so scared that she didn't get to "say" anything and that she would feel upset that she couldn't communicate..... but anyways, when they got to her and the ask her what she was thankful for she said "Momma and Vava". 

 I've never felt so proud to be her momma..

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