Monday, November 19, 2012

Whiny Monday post

I'm not a good sick person.. I don't like to feel down like I need to rest.. And because of that I feel like I'm sick longer because I don't give it the rest it needs.. So yes this is my whiny Monday post. I've been fighting something since late Saturday night. Sore throat, body aches, chills, etc... Last night I felt rough so I didn't do any home visits today. I stayed home and I'm trying to rest. I really am.. I'm trying not to give it to Lynlee because that would be horrible. I'm thankful it's me and not her.. If only I can keep it that way.

As most of you have seen on Facebook I hit a deer on Friday. Actually he hit me, but isn't that how it always is. Of course the car repair place is closed this whole week for deer season so we won't even get it in until next week.

My vacuum is done and Lynlee dropped her measuring scale and broke it so I have to find a new one today..

But that's all the bad news I have.. and I'm just whiny.. but so very thankful..

All in all last week was good. I was on the road shadowing 4 days and out of 5.. It was so nice to get out there and learn something..

Okay that's all I can seem to pull together today. I'm sure there is some Vitamin C to take and some Zicam calling my name.. Plus dealing with the insurance stuff and car rental.. I need a nap :)

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