Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting up to date

It's almost been a week since I've blogged.. And even though I would love to give you some awesome excuse reasons about why I haven't, but I can't.. I have no real reason except maybe I'm lazy..  Today was the first day I've worked since last Wednesday. So I can't even use that..

Not a whole lot has happened. Lynlee has been sick since the weekend. Cold, mean, runny nose, mean, congested, mean... Did I mention Mean?? Every time she gets sick she is mean. She still has 100% of her energy but she doesn't listen, does stuff intentional, etc. Like screaming at the top of her lungs while I'm on the phone when I ask her to be quiet or dumping her RED juice all over her CREAM carpet... Yea, I'm looking for sympathy here.. haha

We kept her from school yesterday because I knew she wasn't feeling up to par, but we let her go today. Well when Ryan went to get her she had pulled hair twice and was setting in the "other" room.. And I'm sure you have to really be in trouble to do that. Wow..

We did have labs on Monday. They were better this month than last. I'm so thankful this cold hasn't effected them.

Lynlee is still going to speech twice a week and they've take a new approach to working with her. It really seems to be working and she's making progress. We also got her development testing back that the school had done. She doesn't qualify for early preschool. Which is a good thing. We could take her for speech but most everything else was where it needed to be. Her physical (which includes both gross and fine motor) was a little below but it didn't qualify her. I feel relived that we didn't qualify for something for once..

On another note tomorrow I finish my last training for work. I'll still be shadowing for a while but that's one step closer to being out there on my own.. I'm excited!!!

I'll try not to be a slacker and blog more often.. and next time I'll try to add a picture.. I know your favorite part!

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