Friday, February 1, 2013

A little bit of everything

I've obviously let blogging get pushed aside once again. I haven't read the blogs that I follow and it's been a week or two since I blogged..

I can't believe it's February. I have no idea where the month of January went. Well that's not the truth. I feel like it was a long month. We were definitely more sick than healthy the whole month. Between Lynlee's health or the weather she didn't make it to school a whole week (which is 3 days for her) the entire month.

But it seems like we are better now and we've fallen back into our routine around here. Days are busy. Some much more than others. Lynlee has school 3 days a week and speech 2 days. Fridays are the only day she doesn't need to be anywhere. Ryan and I have been working two completely different schedules. Some days I see him of a morning (those are rare) and some days not at all. It's not always ideal but it works. We make it work.

Lynlee seems to be growing up faster than I can type.. Her speech is really coming along. Her speech therapist started something new with her and we can see so much progress. She says more words, and she's finally imitating. She said purple the other day and I cried.. No joke. Big ole ugly cry happening as I'm driving down the road. It was awesome. She is Awesome!
I come out of the bathroom and find her in my bed with all the pillows off watching TV. HA

She is also "over" the booster seat. Refuses to sit on it. Refuses to wear a bib (and she's the messiest kid I've EVER seen) Oh the list could go on with the stuff she does and doesn't want to do now. The tantrums are here and get worse by the day too..

Lynlee has also found a new love for Wheel of Fortune. She asked to watch it all the time. She stands in front of the TV like Vanna. Touching the letters and when she gets to some of the one she can say (like T, D, P, etc) she gets excited and screams them. She claps for the contestants and spins the wheel :)

I'll leave you with a Smile! Until next time!

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