Monday, February 4, 2013

Good News Monday

I'm not going to sugar coat it. I'm going to just get right into. Yesterday Ryan noticed a bump/lump on Lynlee's lower neck more like chest area. And I can't even pretend that I was cool and calm about it. I freaked out.. Really freaked out. I know it can be nothing and I know with an immune suppressed kid that has EBV it can be something very scary and very serious.

I talked our AMAZING pediatrician yesterday (Yes on a Sunday,once again) and she wanted to see Lynlee this morning. We went over after breakfast and she was sure it was nothing. That it wasn't a lymph node and thought we should wait a week and see what it did. Ryan and I wasn't comfortable waiting and thought we'd take our chances with a germ infested hospital to get an X-Ray.

After a few X-Rays we came home. It was nothing.. Thank Goodness! It's just her collar bone. The doctor said it has probably always been like that,  he can see the other side doing it also. He said she's probably just growing and losing her baby fat up there and it's more noticeable. He also said it might be a little more prominent since she has had a broken sternum (due to her heart surgery at 2 weeks old.)It should be the least of our worries.

I'll definitely sleep better tonight though.

But this weekend wasn't all worries and scares. We had lots of family time this weekend. Saturday we got a bunch of snow and yesterday we played outside in it!

Snow time!

Lynlee and Ryan were walking outside yesterday when Ryan asked her what she wanted to do? Plow Snow with him or play in it with me. She looked up at him and said "pow no!" So they plowed and plowed. She didn't even want to come in when we made her.

This is what happens while I make lunch and the two of them have my phone!

I'll probably have more snow pictures after tomorrow. It's pouring it out there again not stopping anytime soon with 4-8 inches on the way..

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