Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another trip to Pittsburgh :(

This is not a post that I want to write. I would rather be sitting her telling you all these wonderful things that are happening (and I'm sure they still are) but this isn't one of those post.

Its a post to tell you we will be going to Pittsburgh tomorrow evening. Lynlee has a biopsy scheduled bright and early Thursday morning and after she lays still for 3 hours on her back after the procedure we can come home. Hopefully... Yes insert sarcasm to all of that.

We had routine monthly labs yesterday and her liver labs were elevated. A lot.. I mean not the worst I've seen by any means, but usually when they are crazy high she is sick or getting sick. But neither one of those are true yet. Yes, secretly deep down I'm praying her flu hits her overnight and we can just watch this from home (if that makes me a bad mother/person then so be it) but the thought of having her go through another procedure makes me sick. And I know it's JUST a biopsy the whole thing last 30 seconds maybe but it's just something I don't want done to her.

We went to get repeats today, and they were some lower. I was hoping enough to keep us on standby get labs in a week, and all that jazz.. But no we are still heading to Pittsburgh...

Did you know that February 14th is not Only Valentines Day but it's Organ Donation day.. And believe me in the mist of all of this I'm still beyond thankful for this crazy roller coaster of life. I'm still in awe of Lynlee and how amazing she is. I know this is just another bump in the road and I'm praying it's really nothing and we will be home for the weekend.

So I'm asking for your prayers too or whatever you believe in. That this is nothing. That it's not rejection and the procedure and everything with it goes as smooth as possible.


  1. Prayers going up for Lynlee, that this is NOT rejection, and that you guys come home with good news. Or at least get good news quickly. Give her a squish from me, and please update when you can.


  2. Many, many prayers for you and Lynlee! This has been a horrible cold and flu season, I'm sure her little body is probably just fighting something off, and that's throwing off the labs. Positive thoughts!! <3