Friday, April 5, 2013


I really feel like a slacker. Sunday was Easter and I have NO pictures from it. Lynlee was home all last week on spring break and they only thing we managed to do with color eggs. It snowed some, it was cold and our whole house was sick. Yesterday and today was the first day I've felt human for a while. Ugh, but we are hanging in there and getting better.

Fingers crossed that it's really spring!

Here's Lynlee and her Vava coloring eggs...

I don't post a lot about Lynlee and her potting. She is still in diapers. I feel like we are beyond behind on this for 3 1/2. We've tried to train her a few random times and she just didn't get it or would have a huge melt down when we even tried to put her big girl panties on. She still isn't drinking what she needs to so we have to supplement through her G-tube with water on most days. Some days she does awesome and some she doesn't even drink 2oz. How we range from 2 to 24 oz in a day is nuts and we have to track a lot. But anyways, the past week or two she has been telling us she needs her diaper changed. Since I'm off until Monday and it's warmer here this weekend I thought I'd give it a try.

She is going to kill me one day. God I love her!

We made a deal once she feels up the whole chart with stickers she can get a Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit. She's really excited..

And after one day!
I'm excited too!! 9 stickers on the chart

We did many accidents, but she's NEVER done this good. EVER. There is no turning back. We won't be putting diapers back on. We will get there.. And then we will get this drinking thing down.

I'm also open to taking suggestions to getting her to drink more?!?!

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  1. Hi! Just catching up on blogs. About the drinking - have you switched to just an open cup instead of a sippy cup? I noticed recently that L drinks a ton out of open cups at the table with us. Also, can you add in a bit of juice to her water to give it a little flavor that might encourage her to drink more?