Saturday, April 13, 2013

potty update

It's been over a week since I blogged and since we've started potty training. Lynlee has done SO good. She got her Doc Mcstuffins kit on Tuesday :) She wore her big girl panties to school all three days and only had 2 accidents total. I'm so excited and so proud of her. She goes day with only one accident if that. We haven't really ventured out of the house a whole lot other than her going to school and her speech. I'm not sure how she will do in public and with a big toilet but I'm sure I'll get brave enough soon to try.


It's been a busy week here. I worked a lot and Ryan has worked even more. Last Sunday while we were all here I was panting my toe nails and Lynlee wanted hers painted. She wouldn't let me do it only daddy.

I love the fact that he does this..
On Thursday Lynlee had to dress up for school as what she wanted to be when she grew up. I had went out and bought her a coat and figured she would take her Dr kit and be a doctor. I asked her while we were sitting at the dinner table what she wanted to be and she said a guitar player. I loved the answer.. But when she got ready to go to school we gave her the option of which one and she picked the doctor. Ryan said when he dropped her off there was 4 other doctors.. I'm hoping she doesn't forget the fact she's made me gray before 30 and momma needs a new house.. haha..
As an award for being good in school all week Lynlee got some water color.. Let me just say whoever evented these papers are amazing.. An absolute genius!!

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