Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Morning post.

While Ryan is sleeping after a late late night at work and Lynlee is watching Doc McStuffins I thought I'd do a quick blog about the week.

I can't complain much. I only had a few appointments all week and a lot of down time which is why I'm not doing the usual Saturday morning cleaning.  On the few occasions I was in my office working Lynlee seemed to be in there too.

Lynlee went to school all three days. She is obsessed with wearing dresses and skirts to school. I'm not sure why? Maybe it's easier for her to use the potty or they are comfortable or because everyone makes the biggest deal when she walks in. Haha. So two out of the three days she wore them. Thursday was SO cold I wouldn't let her and she was not happy with me.

She also got NEW shoes this week. She loves them. Only wants to wear them!
She had an awesome couple of days with the potty. When we ask her what she wanted for doing so good she responded with ice cream with sprinkles and m&ms. So that's what she got.
We did have labs yesterday and they did come back high. Again. Sigh. She does have a runny nose. Again... So I think she's just fighting off a cold.. Again... See the pattern? It's so frustrating. She has repeats next week. Hopefully they are lower.


  1. Hello,
    I came across your blog and hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. Our son was recently diagnosed at and I found your blog and your daughter to be inspiring as we struggle to learn and understand this. We have a long road ahead, for sure. I wish you all the best. Lynee is a beautiful little girl!


    1. Brienne,
      I don't mind at all. My email is Feel free to email me anytime if you ever want to "chat"