Tuesday, May 14, 2013

this, that, and big news

Oh I feel like I have So much exciting news to "talk" about today. I had planned on blogging every single night last week but I think it just got pushed to the side. Give me a break though, The Voice was on three nights last week. A girl has to have some priorities. haha

The BIGGEST and most exciting news for you that don't know is that Ryan started a new job yesterday. His last day at Armstrong was last Friday. The best part?! His new hours is 7-4 Monday thru Friday! I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is! And even though it's great for us I do have to say the past two mornings of Ryan not being here has been challenging. I actually felt bad yesterday because I never gave him enough credit for all he did every single morning with Lynlee. She is a handful and I have always got off very easy when he is around. I keep telling myself it's an adjustment and it will get better. I'm praying it's true!

The weekend was amazing! I went wedding dress shopping with my BFF. She got her dress and we ordered our bridesmaid dresses :)

Lynlee had labs on Friday. They are lower (for the most part) and we get repeats in one month.

Lynlee has less than 3 weeks left at her school. Our biggest obstacle right now is finding a part time baby sitter on the mornings and some afternoons that I'm working. I have to say I'm nervous with this part, but its all about change.

I think that's all the exciting news. Here's a few pictures that I thought I'd share. 

Oh how she loves her Bubbles!

Sleepy head ;)

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