Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Monday. Enough said. We are being super lazy today. I have some work to do from home, Lynlee has speech and that's about it. But I wanted to update everyone on Lynlee and her labs.

She had labs last Monday. They were completely normal again which meant all her meds are working and they got the rejection stopped. After all her labs were back (Friday) they lowered her steroids and her prograf some. We will go back for labs this Friday. We are praying it all stays normal as the meds are lowered.

Other than that things are back to normal. Well her appetite has definitely picked up. She eats all the time. And she seems to be more whiney than normal but that all depends on her day.

I snapped a few photos over the weekend that I wanted to share.

If you have Facebook you already know this is sunblock :)

Lynlee was a big help with yard work this weekend
And this picture just makes me smile. Lynlee and Papaw watching it rain.
Have a good week!

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