Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Busy weekends

After two very busy weekends I'm happy to say I took the Monday off. Well if you say off and mean lots of laundry, toilet scrubbing, tons of paper work, and lots of phone calls then I have definitely had the day off.

The wedding was perfect. I haven't seen any of the professional photos yet but here is two my mom took right before Lynlee left. She already changed her shoes, took her head band off and had a sweater on but you get the point.

She wasn't the best flower girl in history. I had to carry her down the aisle and she refused all the pictures but two. But she was the cutest one I'd ever seen.

This past weekend we went to the lake. It was our annual trip. As always it was the most relaxing weekend of the year. There is something about the water that just calms me. Lynlee had a blast and even cried when we left yesterday.

We hope everyone is having a Happy Monday.

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