Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

Every now and again I feel like I want to write about a subject. But I can't seem to get my thoughts together enough to do it.. Today seems to be one of those days. My brain is scattered. I have way to many topics running through my mind.

  • Lynlee's labs were prefect this time! PERFECT!! So they decreased her steroids again and we have labs in TWO weeks. Yay... We've been going weekly since July.
  • I done a bunch of research on kids with Apraxia (Lynlee's speech problem) and we've been giving her fish oil. In the past 3 weeks we've seen a huge improvement. My mind is blown!
  • Tomorrow is mine and Ryan's 5 year anniversary. Really? Where has the time went...
  • Lynlee starts school again on September 3rd.
  • Ryan and I are running a 5K at the end of September. We started training months ago. I'm proud of what we have accomplished because when I first started I couldn't even run for a minute and the fact that we run 3 miles now is amazing. I know if he hadn't started training with me there is no way I would keep up with it.
  • I seriously wonder if people think we drink daily. Every time I log into facebook someone tags me in a post about wine. I crack up. I can't remember the last time I had a glass of wine (or anything for that matter) at home!
  • Lynlee was given a trampoline. She was so excited about it. And after being on there a whole 10 minutes she hurt her knee. It's actually better today but she's been asking to be on it every day and we've had to tell her no.
  • And for all you weather people out there. I heard this winter we will have it snow as many days it rains... Just so you know :)
  • After all this time when people tell me they read my blog I get a little nervous. I never know what to say. In my mind no one reads it.
Okay I think that was everything running through my mind... Maybe...

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  1. First of all, CONGRATS on three miles (and more)! I couldn't run three miles if zombies were chasing me, I am impressed and so happy for you!

    Two, SNOW WHAT?!?! Shut yo mouth. (ha!)

    Three, AMAZING LAB NEWS! I can feel that relief all of the way up here in the mountains!

    Four, I hear ya on the blog thing. Someone at church said that to me the other day and my first thought was OH GOD WHAT DID I SAY RECENTLY???