Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hospital Stay

Most of you know that we are in the hospital as I type this. I haven't had much time to blog the past few days (weeks for that matter) but this isn't how I wanted to start it.

Last Monday we had labs and they were perfect! The best we've ever had! So they made a med change to lower her rejection meds and wanted labs in a week. We went back Friday for the repeats and they were scary high. Pittsburgh wanted us to come up immediately so we could see what was going on.

Yesterday Lynlee had an ultra sound and a biopsy. They both showed there was issues with the bile ducts. The good news was it wasn't rejection but we didn't want it to be this either to be honest. She will have to have a procedure to put a drain into the bile and then we will come back every few weeks to "Balloon" the ducts and fix the problem. They are hopeful to believe it will be fixed in just a few procedures since it was caught on the early side.

The first procedure will take place on Tuesday and we should be discharged on Wednesday. Right now our stay is pretty laid back. We see a nurse about every 8 hours when she gets her antibiotics and that's it. You would think she would be miserable and crying to go home but its the opposite. She is still saying she wants to stay here "no home." I guess she has all the attention in the world here, has watched the Disney Channel since Friday, has a cool bed and gets to order Mac & Cheese every single day. What more could a kid want.

And in general the rest of us is hanging in there. I can't remember the last time we were hospitalized which is a good thing. Ryan and his parents were here all weekend and they all went home today. So Lynlee and I have done puzzles, colored pictures, and if I see Good Luck Charlie one more time I might throw up.

I'll try to keep everyone updated as best as I can. No news is good news. I really won't know anything else until the procedure is over on Tuesday.

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