Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm sure 98% of you know that Lynlee's drain is out!! We went back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for another procedure and they pulled it out. They said once they got inside and shot the dye there was no blockages so they didn't feel the drain was needed. They also said they thought the blockage was from the piece of plastic all along. I hope they are right.

So what do we do now? We have labs again this week for a follow up. IF they are low like last weeks we will probably go back to monthly labs and have our yearly check up in Pittsburgh next year. I like the sound of all of that.

Other than that things are pretty low key. Over the past week I drove over 600 miles so I'm excited for a three day weekend!  We did meet family today in Clarksburg and went to the mall afterwards.

I can't believe they have a Barney train! Lynlee was loving it. In fact, I think today was the first time she has ever rode something. Like we actually got to put money in she rode something.. Big day!

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