Saturday, November 23, 2013

A little catching up.

I laugh because 98% of my pictures of Lynlee are taken in the exact same spot in our house. When I say let me get a picture she goes to that spot or she will go to that spot and ask for a picture to be taken. haha. 

That picture was taken a few weeks ago. On our way to get labs. Labs were great. We don't go back for a month. I'm in shock of that. A whole month! That seems a little too long to me but they assured me it was okay.

Ha! She kills me!
That was actually taken on Thursday before we left for Morgantown. Now that everything has settled down with the liver world I figured it was time to go see a dentist. Morgantown is the closest place that will work with her because of the fact she is transplanted etc. Its a mess but I really like them. They said her meds have done a real number on her teeth and she needs some work. We go back on Dec. 4th for a consultation about getting everything done at once. It will require sedation but one time should take care of everything.. Hopefully.
After we left the dentist we did stop and have some frozen yogurt and stopped by the mall. That's where these were taken....
I've laughed and laughed at the sleigh picture. It looks so real. It was really a park bench in between two cardboard pieces!
In reality we aren't very exciting these days (that's why the blog post are few and far between) these days. We are getting Christmas fever. I'm trying so hard to hold out until after Thanksgiving to put my tree up but it's getting harder and harder. I've already marked a few people off my shopping list. And Lynlee is watching Barneys Christmas while I type!!
The last picture of the day... Ryan and Lynlee making pumpkin muffins last week.

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