Friday, April 11, 2014

Donor= Hero

Today is National Organ Donation Day. I've known for weeks I would make a blog post about it since it is something my world revolves around now. But Tuesday something changed the direction I'm taking the blog in.

On Tuesday I got a message from Lynlee's donors mom. I'm honestly not sure I ever thought I would hear from them and there is no way I would have ever thought I felt like I did. When I read the message and it said I'm your donors mom I know I read that over and over before I could continue. Like it wasn't sinking in that it was real.

I was so emotional, I cried for hours reading about this man. I mourned for his mother and for his family.  His mother, god bless her, posted everything about the accident that took his life and about his final days. She was posting up until the time he went into the OR, up until the time that he was becoming part of our family. She even mentioned a 2 year old getting a part of his liver.

I didn't know you could feel so connected to someone you didn't know. And up until this week I've always known Lynlee had someone else's liver (of course) inside her but it really hit me. That this man has a piece of him living inside her.  We are connected to him and his family.

Over the past few days I've talked to his mom multiple times. She's told me so much about him. He loved music, travelling, but most of all he loved his family. She said he had a heart of gold would have given Lynlee his liver anyways. She said he took amazing care of himself (flossed all day long) and was never in a bad mood. He never told a lie. He was a wonderful man.

So today I want to Thank this man. Victor Livingston  Harris for giving me my daughter. For giving us hope and faith for a future.  We will take such good care of your liver and hopefully your legacy. I promise we won't take any day for granted.

Thank you.

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  1. This gives me chills to read. I'm so thankful that the gift of life was passed down from another family to yours. Praying that everything continues to go well in the coming months and years.