Monday, April 21, 2014

Update. Bullet Style

I haven't really updated in a while. Things are boring with us but here ya go:
  • Lynlee's labs have been rock steady for months. Even with the stomach virus and a cold with a fever last month they were right now.
  • She is on one last med wean and then we will be back to her normal 3 meds that will she will take for most of her lifetime.
  • Everything she says no ends with my mom (or whoever she is talking too) For example today when we walked into speech I asked her if she wanted me to put her sunglasses in my bag. She replied "No on my head my mom." or my favorite it when I tell her something she always says "Alright my mom"
  • Last Wednesday I registered Lynlee for her dental surgery in May. I'm dreading this so bad. I know it's just a cleaning and fixing some teeth but it still stinks.
  • I turned 30 a few weeks ago. My husband threw me a huge surprise party. I really am a lucky girl.
  • We were out of town for Easter this past weekend. The first holiday ever we've woke up not at our house. It's okay though. The Easter Bunny brought Lynlee's present a day early. A DVD player for the car. We watched Frozen twice but she didn't make a sound.
  • Speaking of the weekend, Lynlee is getting an allergy to peanut butter. This is the 3rd time it's happened (not consistently with the peanut butter) but some times seems to be better than others. The last few times it happened she was eating it with something else really spicy and we kinda blamed it on the other thing. Yesterday when it happened she was eating nothing but peanut butter :/ She even had some on Thursday last week and she was not affected but it. So odd. But we have an apt set up to go from there.
I'm pretty sure I got it all. Told you we were boring people :)

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