Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

For 7 weeks I had dreamed of this day, prayed for this day to come and when it did I was scared to death! Yes, I was extremely excited, but scared. As bad as the hospital was it was all we had ever knew. It was our safety net per say. The nurses and the doctors had become our family, and our support system. Most days they were the only people other than Ryan that I had even seen. I knew I couldn't stay there forever, but it was still hard to leave!

So we loaded our Focus, and yes it was packed to the top. We had already donated all the food and anything else to the Ronald McDonald house (our home away from home) and donated all of Lynlee's blankets and clothes to the Children's home. I still had things on my lap the whole way home, but I didn't care!

We were discharged by noon on Wednesday December 9th, 2009. We didn't make one stop, we just drove the 3 hours straight. I honestly don't think I looked out the window once, I started at Lynlee the whole way home. I didn't even look out when Ryan told me we were back in West Virginia. Wow, it had been so long. The whole month of November I hadn't even been in our state. We had missed so much. Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the first snow, birthdays, etc. But we were coming home, and it never felt so good!

That night I guarantee you Lynlee got so much more sleep that Ryan and I did. I think I might have got 2 hours sleep. Besides standing over her bed and staring at her, I stared at her in the monitor we had too. But day light came, and our life was going to be great, it was going to be normal!

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