Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meeting Miss Savannah

7 weeks in NICU we saw many babies come and many go. We usually knew when a new baby was on our side. I remember seeing this certain baby come in. Ryan and I were really on cloud nine at the point because we were days from going home. Every time I walked by this new baby I saw the machine. It was the dialysis machine that we had the first night, and the same lady that was doing it. Never once did I think that baby had a Urea Cycle Disorder also.

I'll never forget the day we meet Savannah. It was Monday December 7th, 2009. We were two days from going home. Lynlee was doing her famous car seat test. In Pittsburgh they won't let you go home until the baby sits in the car seat the length of the ride home to make sure they don't stop breathing. So Lynlee was sitting (actually screaming) in car seat for 2 1/2 LONG hours. Yes she slept some, yes she chilled some, but the majority she screamed! At one point Ryan had the car seat swinging it to make movement! So I'll admit I was just a little relieved when the nurse came to get me.

The nurse explained to me that there was a family that she would like me to meet. It seems the baby down the hall had almost the same disorder as Lynlee. Of course, I jumped at the chance of meeting someone else with this rear condition! I walked down the hall, walked in the room and saw them. Saw Savannah. Oh I had forget what that feeling felt like. To see your baby laying there so helpless looking so sick, and the smell. (all of my UCD mom's will know what I'm talking about!) I just wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I couldn't scare these poor people to death. I was there to give them HOPE. Oh how I wished someone would have been there for us to give hope, to let us know that everything was going to be all right because they had been through it. So I finally pulled myself together. Gave Corie and her husband a huge hug and we talked. I told them everything we had been through, and that this was not the end of the world. Yes, it was going to be a struggle, but it would be okay. We exchanged numbers, addresses, emails, and we left. I couldn't bare look at Savannah again because I was afraid I would lose it.

I went back into our room Thanking the good Lord for my screaming daughter! Thanking him for how far we came and I finally knew why we had been there for 7 weeks. We could finally give someone else the hope, the faith that we did not have when we first got there. We had made life long friends from this day, and we would get through this together!

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