Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just another Monday

Well yesterday was like every other Monday that we've had for weeks! It's the day we go get Lynlee's ammonia checked. I dread this trip because it's a 45minute trip one way and takes about 3 hours total. Plus I have to pack up the car (well I don't have to pack it up, but I do "just in case") and usually I don't even think she needs it. But at the same time it's always a feeling of relief when we get the low number back and usually gives me peace of mind for another day.

But yesterday I was looking forward to taking her and nervous too. Lynlee had an off weekend! I wasn't THAT worried or I would have taken her to be checked but I was thinking it might be creeping up. She was up two different times Saturday Night screaming, and Sunday was really cranky! Neither of those happen very often, and as Ryan reminds me, those two have never been a sign of high ammonia! But I still worry. It's my job now!

After loading up the car which includes, mine and Ryan's hospital bag, Lynlee's bag with her toys, our formula bag, our scale bag, the main diaper bag, and Lynlee's feed bag because we have to feed her on the road one way we were set. We pull into the hospital around an hour later. We know the drill by now. Get registered, go to the lab and get the tube, go to Day Surgery so they can access her port, take the blood back to the lab and wait about 25 minutes for the results.

I have to say that the nurses and lab techs are amazing! They all know us and know Lynlee. Lynlee doesn't even crying during the blood draw she usually just watches or talks to whoever is doing it. But yesterday we had a new lab tech. She came out and had this terrible look on her face. As soon as I saw it my heart sank, my stomach got knots, I thought I was going to be sick. A hundred things was running through my mind in those seconds she wasn't talking. It was up, I knew it was by the look on her face... And she says, and I quote "It says it's 40?!" While she had this nervous look still on her face I felt myself sigh! Thank Goodness!!!! I'm going home. I then told her that 40 was normal for us even though on their sheet it prints out a High!!

I forget they don't know what our "normal" is. So we head home!! And unpack a few bags and enjoy the rest of our day!


  1. Oh man I hate when the tech acts like it is a dreadful number yet it is "fine" for us. I once had a doctor tell me that he had an adult female patient, with no history of UCD, present with an ammonia of 70 and she was incoherant and could not stand up! Our kids live with that number just fine. Amazing to me!