Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A weekend away

Lynlee had her first vacation away this past weekend. We went to Beckley to stay at Aunt Pat's & Uncle Jim's lake house! It was a much needed weekend away!

We decided to get an ammonia checked on our way down. We pretty much pass the hospital, and it makes me sleep better. Ammonia... 28.. YAY!

This is only the second time I've been to a lake, and it is the most relaxing place I've found. It's so calm and quiet. Everyone even Lynlee just seems at ease and relaxed. The drive to and from the lake is about 3 hours. Lynlee never complains. I think she is used to traveling, she had her pappaw back there, and watched lots of Baby Einstein.

Lynlee went on her first boat ride and she loved it. She loved looking at the waves the boat made.

She had her first touch of sand. Of course I called our pediatric team in Pittsburgh to see what we needed to do about the sand getting around her G-Tube. We simply covered it with a bandage and away we went.

All and all the weekend was amazing, lots of relaxation and with only a pinch of unwanted excitement. We were doing a group picture when 1/4 of the family including me, Lynlee, and Ryan were on top of the boat house. A bees nest that was under the step got extremely upset with us and started attacking. Luckily the three of us was not touched but Lynlee had to be taken off the boat house by a ladder. She did great as her pappaw lowered her to the ground. Me on the other hand? Standing at the top crying like a baby. I couldn't even watch.

We had lots of laughs, lots of food, and lots of relaxation.. One of the best weekends yet!

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  1. oh my!!!!!!! What a scare!

    I am so glad that you had a great weekend away though!!! I admire your ability to get out and live life normally. We went away for the weekend too only we didnt leave the house. Other than to the hospital. Ergh.

    Talk soon!