Monday, January 31, 2011

God Answers Prayers!

Life is unfair! For some more than others, but these days I feel like our family can be the poster child for an unfair life. As much as I want to be mad, and scream at the world, I have this over joy of thankfulness that won't let me. I want to ask the question "why" but I won't because I know that God has a plan. He has a plan that we might know about but a plan indeed.

Do you ever wonder if God answers prayers?? Well he does! Let me explain!

Lynlee has an ammonia of 47 today! Not to shabby when this time two weeks ago we were talking transplant and afraid that this ammonia today might be putting us on a list. But God answered our prayers and it's not time for that yet.

Most of you know, but for those that don't we spent the weekend in the hospital again. Except it wasn't with Lynlee, she was the one that came to visit. Ryan and my grandma, and my little sister was in a terrible car accident on Friday.

Let me go back to Friday for you.. The three of them were going to Subway to grab lunch for all of us. My mom and I decided to stay here because Lynlee was napping. About 10 minutes after they left I got a call from Kara (my lil sis) saying they were in a wreck and to come. I asked her where they were and if everyone was okay. She start sobbing but finally got out they were in front of Bob Evans. I asked to talk to Ryan and she replied "he won't wake up!" those words still make me sick.

I ran Lynlee across the street to my sister and my mom and I went to accident. I don't know if I'll ever forget what I saw. Kara was standing there just crying and screaming.. I ran to the car and Ryan had this white sheet over him (they were cutting him out of the car) and I finally saw a corner of his face. He had oxygen on and I could tell his eyes were open. I looked at my grandma and she had this blank stare that haunts me.. And the blood, oh the blood was everywhere. It was all over both of them, all over Kara...It was awful.

They finally got them out of the car and loaded in the ambulance. They let me get in the ambulance and see Ryan. He was awake and he told me he loved me.

The next few hours were a blur. In the emergency room I just went from Ryan to Grandma a hundred times I bet. They decided they both need to be sent to Ruby to the trama center.

Ill save you the boring details of the next few hours and days. It was just a lot of waiting and sitting and waiting. Ryan came home yesterday with a few broken ribs, and a fractured collar bone, some staples in his head and some stitches in his lip.

My grandma is waiting to be moved to a step down room as I type. She has a collapsed lung (the chest tube should be out already) a cracked pelvis, broekn ribs front and back and a broken collar bone. She will be having surgery in the morning for the collar bone and she will be home soon.

We've found out that they were setting at the red light. The light turned green and they pulled out to go left toward subway when a tractor trailer ran the light and plowed into the driver side of the car.

So yes God answers prayers. Just look at my family to prove it.

Please remember them in your prayers for a speedy recover, and always remember Lynlee! And never lose your faith, because even through all the bad stuff that is the only thing that has kept us going.


  1. Indeed He does answer them. I cannot imagine the terror you felt that afternoon. You were so strong through it all though. You have had such a rough month but God is still VERY good. Even through the tough times.

    Thinking of your family and praying often for everyone's recovery.


  2. Wow. Just wow. So glad everyone (including Lynlee with her lower ammonia level) is okay!