Monday, May 2, 2011

Punishment? No, a Blessing!!

I was watching a TV show last night when the last lines of the show was: Every child comes with a message that God is not yet discouraged at us. It made me sit and think.

It's really easy for us to blame God and a lot easier for us to question him. But how often do we thank him when things don't go our way??

Oh probably about a month ago it was brought to my attention that there was a healing preacher coming to West Virginia. They thought we might want to take Lynlee to see if the preacher would heal her. I didn't. My belief is that God made Lynlee this way for a reason, and he will heal her when he is ready.

Not to long after that I was talking to my little brother about this. Tyler knows more about the bible then almost anyone I know! I told him my belief, and when I said that God made Lynlee this way, he was like you are correct! A lot of people would say that God done this to Lynlee, meaning to punish her.

I've never EVER thought that God is punishing Lynlee or us! Don't get me wrong, I've questioned Why, but don't we all? I've thought why Lynlee? Why pick me as the mother of a child with this disorder! But all I have to do is take a second look at Lynlee and know that God has blessed us! He has given me my prefect child.

Next week we go to Pittsburgh for Lynlee's liver evaluation. I received the packet of info and our schedule last week. When I opened the fed ex packet to a folder saying Pediatric Transplantation Services, I got sick. I went numb. Transplanting Lynlee scares me to death. As bad as this disorder is I know all about it, I know what to expect every day. Transplant could be so wonderful for us, but there is that chance that it couldn't.

But going back to God, he will get us through this also. I'm still asking for prayers for Lynlee, and for our family. Prayers that God continues to watch over her and us, and that he leads us down the right path that is best for Lynlee.

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