Monday, December 26, 2011

12/26 update!

Well it's Monday.. Monday morning to be in fact. 7:30. I'm up sitting in the room while Ryan and Lynlee are sleeping. For the first time last night I let Ryan stay with Lynlee while I went to the Ronald McDonald house and slept. That tells you two things. One, that I was really tired and two, that I really feel comfortable with how Lynlee is right now.

Her liver numbers are coming down beautifully and everything is looking good. They started her on some pedialyte last night (very little like 5cc's per hour) and today we will find out if we are moving to the floor.

Yesterday afternoon was filled with worry. When they were on the 3rd ultra sound of the day we knew they couldn't see something.. As the ultra sound tech went and got someone else and then so on we were scared. The docor soon called and said they couldn't see one of the vessels in Lynlee's liver. The liver they used had two work vessels and at that time they couldn't find one of them. They wanted to take Lynlee to do a CT scan of the belly. After waiting for hours for the scan and finally meeting with the doctor around 9pm last night this is what we've learned.

          The liver they used did have two vessels but now only one vessel is supplying the liver with blood flow. The vessel that isn't working might have never worked or it has clotted, either way it's okay. The one vessel is doing its job. The liver is getting adequate blood flow.  If we would have used a living donors organ she would only get one vessel that way also. They could go in and try to fix it but then they could hurt the working vessel and we would be looking for a new liver. So that could hurt her more than fixing her. He also said that this doesn't mean we will have any problems in the future. They have full hopes that Lynlee will have this liver her whole life and live a long life just like me and you. And that is the only thing I want.


  1. We have been thinking of you and praying, sounds like things are going really well! Thanks for the updates!

  2. Wonderful! My daughter received her transplant from her father, living related, so she only has one vessel. It clotted and they had to go in the day after transplant and fix it. It was scary and stressful, but now she is doing fine... almost 3-years post-transplant!
    So glad Lynlee received her *new* liver and is doing well! We have a saying, "So far, so good!" Continued prayers for you and your family. :)