Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas update!

Last night was an okay night. Lynlee and I were up about every hour from 11pm to 4am. Her artial line in her wrist was not cooperating. It made her blood pressure look like it was lower than it actually was and had our machines going off all night. Around 4am they gave her more pain meds and we slept til about 5:30 when they were doing a chest xray and an ultra sound of the new liver.

We woke about 8. When I woke Santa had came. I'm so shocked that the kids in the hospital get soo much. God bless the people that donate!

Things are going better than we expected. Her ammonia is down to 38 on its own :) The took out her artial line, her urine cath, her nasal canala, and her drain that went down her nose to take pressure off her stomach. My medical/technical terms are slow these days.

We learned that if everything goes as planned we will head out of intensive care tomorrow and get a big room on the floor. That way more than 2 people can visit at a time and Ryan and I can both stay in the room at night if need be. Yesterday we got into the Ronald McDonald house (a life saver!!) its even connected to the building. Ryan and my dad spend the night there last night.

Lynlee did get some blood today which is to be expected, and I got to hold her for the first time since surgery. My time was short since the ultra sound tech was back for more pictures but it was the best 30 minutes!! In case you didn't catch the picture on facebook here it is..

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!!

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