Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Have I mentioned I'm sooo excited for tomorrow to come??  Just in case I haven't, I can't wait! Tomorrow at noon will hopefully be the last time Lynlee will be on TPN. To say it's the TPN is exhausting is putting it nicely. We chase her around with the backpack for 16 long hours. Yes, we does sleep for most of those, but it's still a long morning.

Starting last night, they started weaning the TPN. That means they did 8 hours TPN and 8 hours D10. The transition over is at 4am. Yes, that was 4am. So all three of us (me, Lynlee and Dottie) were up at 4am for a while. Not long, but long enough that it's hard to get back to sleep. Then Lynlee's prograf is due at 8am.

This morning wasn't pretty here. Lynlee was sooo cranky, whiny, sleepy. She finally laid down before noon and took a 3 hour nap. She really needed it. And I can't tell you how great it is to let her nap for 3 hours and not worry about her ammonia being up. She woke up a new person. In a great mood, ready to play.. How nice!

We took advantage of the afternoon and went to the play room to play. We did some laundry, and then headed back up tonight for the Taco Bar set up by a volunteer group. The Taco bar was good, but the cookies were amazing. We also met a nice family that had a daughter have a double lung and liver transplant. When we actually just listen to people you learn so much.

This might be my favorite picture ever!!!

Lynlee and Momma playing..

We have an early day tomorrow. We don't have clinic but lab work at 8am.

Lynlee is getting so attached to mommaw being here. Dottie's phone was dead and Lynlee had to go sit by her! haha ..

And just another picture that makes me smile..

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