Friday, January 27, 2012

Things here are uneventful. Really they are.

Yesterday we got labs drew, Lynlees PICC line dressing changed and that was pretty much it during the day. Aunt Janna came to visit in the evening followed by a quick visit with Uncle Kevin. It was so nice having company. We ordered pizza and had a great girls evening in.

This morning has been the first morning with no TPN and to say it's been wonderful doesn't even do it justice. We actually celebrated by taking a quick trip to Target this morning. I wanted to go early before it got crowded. Of course I wiped the cart down with sanitizer and probably used hand sanitizer once or twice (really like 3 or 4) times during the 30 minute visit in. I'm just so afraid of her getting sick right now. Dottie offered to drive us to the mall but Target was all my heart could take right now.

I'm writing in the middle of the day for two main reasons. Lynlee is sleeping and Dottie is out walking.. And two...... Ryan is on his way back up for the weekend. It's unplanned. He was supposed to stay home and work on the addition but a few things fell threw so hes' coming here. I seriously can't wait. I know some of you are thinking it's just been 5 days.. And it has. But it's not just a normal 5 days when you are here..

They are long days. They are very confined days. Lynlee isn't always happy. It's cold and nasty out so we can't go for walks and with it being cold season I'm scared to death to go anywhere. So 5 days feels like weeks here.

And besides Ryan is pretty great. He's always been my strength. Days when I didn't know how to go on he helped me make it through. He takes care of me. And he's the only one in life I feel like I need.. He's definitely the better, stronger half of our marriage..

So incase I'm MIA all weekend.. Things are good here.. We are back to her old feeds. We have clinic on Monday morning followed by an ultra sound to see when we can stop the lovenex (blood thinner) shots.. And that's probably it!

Have a great weekend!

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