Sunday, January 8, 2012

I fell asleep last night laying down with Lylee around 9:30. Exhaustion seems to kick in a little earlier every night. We were awake by 10:30 with the nurse saying Lynlee had spiked a fever. They grew cultures from her line and sent them off and gave her some Tylenol. She tossed and turned most of the night. Around 4:30am she spiked again.

The doctors were in this am. They aren't really sure what's going on. It could be as simple as it was a fluke since it hasnt' happened again. It could be an infection in the PICC line but her arm looks good and the line is soooo fresh!  We will know within 24-48 hours the results. It could be an infection called C-diff from her antibiotics. The good news is its not rejection. Her liver numbers are still perfect.

We did the get word that one of Lynlee's drains can come out today. They've yet to take it out but I'm hoping they still come in. I know it will probably happen tomorrow but I hate the drains. She has learned how to undo them. So we are constantly closing them, spilling them on us, the bed etc. Have I wrote that before? It feels familiar. Sorry if it was a repeat! We were waiting for the magic number of less than 100ccs per drain. We hit 90 and 100 today. I'm hoping tomorrow they both come out!

Yesterday was a real good day. Nana (my mom) Grandma, and Aunt Kara came to visit and stay the night. Ryan and I ran to get groceries in case we do get released next week. We have a microwave in the Ronald McDonald apartment and that's about it, but I'm so over hospital foods. Frozen meals have to be a nice change for a while. (I'll probably regret that sentence in 2 weeks!)

Today has been good. Lynlee seems to be feeling well despite last nights ordeal. We are praying it was just a fluke. Nana and family went home this morning. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Janna came to visit. Now we are just kicked back watch the Steeler game.

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