Monday, January 9, 2012

Today has been another good. There was no fever spike last night. I think she might have just been teething. Yesterday she pulled at her ear a lot and when we looked into her mouth last night both Eye Teeth and poking through the skin. I asked last night if someone would look at her ears just to make sure she didn't have an infection. Do you know what they said...... Are you sitting down....... That there was no one here at 7pm last night that could look at her ears.. Really? Are we in a hospital? Are you kidding me. The place that on Christmas Lynlee had a CT Scan and the liver surgeon was in our room at 9pm explaining to me and Ryan what was going, but no one can check ears around here.

Ha! I'm still laughing. Well not really.. And then this morning when the PA checked on us I asked her to check her ears. She got this deer in the head lights look and was like oh wow, I'll have to find the tool that we do that with.. This was at 10am. I think her ears finally got check around 3:30pm. There was no ear infection.

We were supposed to be getting released to Ronald McDonald tomorrow but that's not the case. Lynlee's drains (now just one drain) turned milky. It's really not a big deal. She just went on a low fat diet and they changed her formula from Pedisure to Im-something-or other. Nice, I know! So now we are here until the drain clears up probably a day or two and then we are free.

Other than those two things there isn't much to report. Ryan and Lynlee took a little nap this afternoon.. Man I love these two more than life its self!

And they did let us take Lynlee to the Ronald McDonald house for a couple hours in between feeds and medicine. It was SO, SO, SOOO nice. Lynlee was herself. I have to admit I've been worried about how the real Lynlee is going to be now. In here she is very very clingy, and whiny, and demanding. We would never leave her in a room by herself even to run to buy a soda. She would flip out. She cries the minute anyone walks into the room. It's sad actually.. So to see her play in the living room by herself made me all warm inside. Lynlee will be the Lynlee we've always known. So I can't wait to get out of here!

No matter how pretty the view is from our hospital room.

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