Friday, January 6, 2012

I've yet to figure out where a day in the hospital goes. You would think it's hard to pass time in the hospital but I don't find that problem. Our day seems to fly by everyday and I always feel like there is something we need to do or something.

Today was another good day for us. I'm liking the trend! We are hoping to get her drains out soon. I hate them. Really I hate them. I think they look awful and besides that they are either leaking all over the bed, my leg, Lynlee, etc.... now Lynlee figured up how to open them! Awesome! NOT Everyday during rounds I secretly pray today is the day, but no luck as of yet. Lynlee's on her full feed now, but the past couple days her eating isn't so hot. I'm hoping after we get out of here and she's more comfortable with us she will take off.. Hopefully!!

 Lynlee got visited by a child life dog. I love these dogs, and think it's a great thing the hospital does.

                                                                     This is Charlie.

                   And this is Lynlee trying to cheese and brush Charlie at the same time.

Ryan and I had more training today so that we will know all the meds to give Lynlee and what they mean. They also went over all the signs to look for with rejection, when to bring her in, etc.

While we were in training Lynlee went to the big play room with Mimi and Pappy. She also played with some bubbles. Thanks Danielle!!  We spent the day finger painting thanks to Ton Ton. Somehow she even managed a nap or two.

HAHA. I swear 2 weeks ago I would have had her ammonia checked for falling asleep at 6pm.. And I know you love the outfit right. This is what happens when Daddy is in charge of packing the clothes from home. We might mis-match for months.. And this will drive me nuts!

Oh and probably the highlight of the day is Lynlee finally had her turn with a car. She loved it. I've heard 16 laps around the unit is a mile! Awesome! Because momma needs to be walking.. All this hospital food and limited exercising isn't great. Somehow we mixed in an excise tape in the Barney DVD's. But Ryan won't let me work out in the hospital room. HAHA.

We are hoping for sleep, but who doesn't hope for sleep in a hospital. I seriously am counting down the days until Tuesday so we can get some much interrupted sleep..

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